Update! Suspect Was Throwing Rocks [Sniper Hits Six Cars on Chicago Skyway]

“Chicago (FOX Chicago News) –

BREAKING – Chicago Police are trying to find the person who opened fire at cars on the Chicago Skyway, between 99th and 105th Streets, on Wednesday night.

There are no reports of major injuries, but one woman said the bullet had knocked glass into her eye. At least six cars on the inbound lanes were shot.

Police are telling FOX Chicago News it looks like the shots came from a wooded area.

Police were searching in a wooded area closer to 92nd Street and traffic was backed up on to the Dan Ryan as officers fanned out.

The sniper might have been wearing a hoodie.

The victims pulled their cars over at the McDonalds on the Skyway as police worked.”

Bullets hit six cars on Chicago Skyway – Chicago News and Weather | FOX Chicago News.

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One Response to Update! Suspect Was Throwing Rocks [Sniper Hits Six Cars on Chicago Skyway]

  1. Jaz says:

    Oohhh shittt! Is this me or some other kids?? I swear I did the exact same thing and police thought it was bullets, but there were 3 ppl..two girls,one guy….we were by the woods by thetrain tracks! Nope, we had a copycat! Wowwwww! we didnt injure anyone and we only had probation snd community service, but it was later expunged from all of our records! We were sok scared and embarassed,police pulled their guns out and we ran, but came back bc so much tv made us believe that we would be shot if we kept running…yep

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